20 February 2007

Types of Buttercream

A quick summary on the types of buttercreams that are available.

Simple buttercream

Made by creaming together fat and sugar to the desired consistency.

Decorator's buttercream

Creamed less than a regular simple buttercream which creates a stiff paste suitable for making flowers and other cake decorations.

Fondant buttercream

Fondant buttercream is created by creaming together equal parts of butter and fondant.

Meringue buttercream

A light mix of butter and meringue.

French buttercream

Made by beating a sugar syrup into beaten egg yolks and whipping to a light foam. Softened butter is then whipped in. This icing is very rich, smooth, and light.

Pastry-cream buttercream

Made by beating together thick pastry cream and softened butter.

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19 February 2007

Funny Wedding Cake Moments Caught on Camera - Amusing Cake Videos

Here are some amusing wedding cake moments we thought you might find funny.

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18 February 2007

Would you Like your Wedding Cake Company in our Directory?

We will be soon be launching a new UK Wedding Cake directory here at Cakes Wedding!

If you are a wedding cake maker/supplier/baker/decorator (etc), then get in contact with us now and you could be part of this fantastic opportunity

17 February 2007

Who Sells a Superman Wedding Cake Topper?

Superman Figure

Somebody recently enquired about getting a Superman Wedding Cake Topper.

We tried finding a site who sold such a thing but we could not find one anywhere! The best bet when having such an obscure request for a topper or any kind of wedding decoration for that matter is to hunt for a supplier who will create bespoke items. You can then ask them to make anything you like!

But please, if anybody out there knows a supplier or if you sell superman wedding cake toppers, let us know!

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Personalised Cake Monograms

silver wedding cake topper monogram
Finding the perfect cake topper to match your personality can be quite a job. Often putting the initials of the bride and groom in a simple yet extremely elegant monogram is a lovely alternative to the typical figurines.

Which sites offer personalised wedding cake monograms?

We found these two sites which offer all the letters of the English alphabet in different fonts and sizes:

Party Sparkle
Wedding Star

There are many different styles to select from. Remember whilst choosing to pay attention to the height of the letters. If too big or too small they may look out of proportion with the cake itself.

Party Sparkle offer more choice however Wedding Star seem to be slightly cheaper (but also based in the US).

Single Letter Monogram

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Which Bride Are You? Diva, Natural, Romantic or Classic Bride?

Cakes Wedding has an interesting article asking: Which bride are you?

The Diva Bride
The Natural Bride
The Romantic Bride
The Classic Bride

Decide which category you best fit into and by reading the specific article you will get some great tips on choosing a cake that will match your personality.

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16 February 2007

Welcome to the Cakes Wedding Blog

Hello brides, grooms, bridesmaids, best men, mothers of the bride and everyone in the wedding industry!

This is a blog for everybody interested in wedding cakes!

CakesWedding.co.uk hopes the blog will provide everybody interested in wedding cakes with hints, advice, tips, recipes, ideas, pictures, stories, news and a lighter look at everything to do with wedding cakes. However, we don't want to rabble on about cakes without your input. We want you to share your stories, your news, your hints, your experiences, your tips, your pictures and anything else you would like to share. Of course, anything you do tell us must have something to do with wedding cakes or weddings.