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Chocoholics Unite! Chocolate Wedding Cakes

Chocolate wedding cakes are quickly becoming a new tradition. Many couples are tired of the plain white wedding cake that is found at the wide majority of weddings. Chocolate flavoured wedding cakes are so popular that there are a large variety of options that are available to brides and grooms to be. From a mahogany cheesecake to a tiered devil�s food cake there are numerous options available.

Your wedding cake doesn�t have to blatantly chocolate. In fact, trick the guests a bit by having a white cake with a white chocolate fondant. Your guests will be in chocolate heaven! Or, you could even do a layered devil�s food cake with layers of Italian meringue on the inside and swirls of meringue on the outside. You get the traditional look of a white wedding cake with the great flavour of the chocolate. Top it off with a semisweet chocolate sauce.

Chocolate Marble Cake

Marble cakes are absolutely delicious, so why not incorporate the beautiful design of chocolate marble on the outside of the cake as well. A beautiful marble cake could be made of five layers alternating white-chocolate fondant and chocolate marble on the layers. The white layers are topped off with a deep brown ribbon and bow.

Chocolate Cupcakes

If you plan on having a large number of guests but don�t know if your checkbook can handle it consider a tower of chocolate and white cupcakes. Cupcake tower cakes are becoming increasingly popular and they are much cheaper than a tiered cake. Not only are they easy to make for the bakery but they are easy to transport as well. Spruce up the design with a silver cupcake tray and a beautiful floral arrangement. Satellite cakes are also an excellent option. You can have them decorated similarly but have a chocolate tier, a white tier, strawberry tier or whatever other flavour you want.


Just because you want a chocolate cake doesn�t mean you have to lose any creativity when it comes to the icing. Fondant is incredibly versatile and can be made into a wide variety of designs. Don�t be afraid to use coloured fondant such as yellows, blues, pinks, and even white. Bakeries are able to get very creative with fondant and create just about anything that you can think up. Some cakes don�t even look like cakes at all, but rather beautiful wrapped gifts or flora arrangement, all of which are edible. Hide a rich chocolate cake beneath these decorations and you will have the most memorable cake design for your guests.