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The Classic Bride’s Wedding Cake

The classic bride is all about traditional bridal style. The buttons on her wedding gloves are covered and she has a luxurious stock of monogrammed thank you notes ready to go out as soon as they open their gifts. The classic bride is all about simple elegance. If this is you, then you can emulate that classic bridal style on your classic wedding cake.

The classic bride’s wedding cake should reflect a balance between girlish charm and adult elegance. You envision a cake of snowy white or cream ivory elegance. The cake may feature swags of sugar paste that match the aisle runners for your ceremony or be topped with fresh petals of white roses. One thing is for sure � this cake will be impeccable and perfect down to the piped beading of royal icing.

Flowers Petals on the Cake

Consider a beautiful white on white cake with frothy white icing and piles of beautiful rosebuds and petals. Create a romantic look around the cake by scattering white and pink rose petals over an organza tablecloth. Consider a beautiful silver plated cake stand to add to the elegance of your cake�s display.

Crown this beautiful cake with an elegant tower of ivory and white garden roses. Drape the cake tiers with fondant swags embellished with ivory rosettes and a hint of gold. Scatter blooms and blossoms all around the cake’s base to give the perfect picture-worthy display your classic wedding cake deserves. Other classic accents include edgings done in white satin, delicate and tiny crystals, small silk blossoms, pearl beading and anything else that is white and shimmering.

Consider using a pinkish white icing with appliqu�s or even a unique China pattern. Highlight the cake with tiny tea lights and candles. The flowers that will adorn your cake will also be classic and romantic. Picture a tightly packed bouquet of champagne roses and light greens as a cake topper. Carry the theme throughout the cake by placing small bouquets between pillared tiers. Incorporate these same flowers in your bridal bouquet.

Classic Colours

If you need a little more colour, try a neutral colour pallet that features orange calla lilies and caramel satin ribbon. You may find that you also love the elegant beauty of simple gardenias and you can also incorporate this classic flower throughout your wedding cake design.

The classic bride typically combines a monochromatic pallet of classic and elegant. Colours of champagnes, blushes, creams, light pinks and whites will be beautiful when accented with light greens from the stems of these flowers. These colours are timeless and you will feel like a classic celebrity on your special day.

When you are thinking of the classic bride consider these other classic brides such as Jacquelyn Onassis, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, and imagine what they would choose when personalizing the classic bride’s wedding cake. This is a bridal style that endures all trends and will always be popular. Your wedding cake design will also be a style that endures all trends and the cake will be one that is remembered for years to come.