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The Diva Bride�s Wedding Cake

You are not a shy bride and when you walk in the room you will be noticed. There are some wedding traditions you enjoy and there are others you will do without so that you can let your personality sneak through on your special day. You like to make bold statements, so nobody will be surprised when your dress has a dramatic red ribbon flowing down the train. You love to sparkle so there will be plenty of rhinestones and body glitter.

On the day of your wedding you want your wedding cake to say, �Look at me� just as you want every one to look at you. You only plan to get married once and you are going to do things your way and the right way. Your cake will incorporate these aspects of you - these aspects that everybody loves you for.

A Cake that Stands Out

Imagine this � a decadent chocolate icing cake with amazing red sugar roses that are leafed in gold. Or perhaps, you like the idea of a white fondant cake that is bursting with a strawberry fruit filling and strawberry red roses. You want a tall cake with six tiers. One that the caterer is going to need a ladder to cut. You want a cake that stands out as much as you and is also the life of the party. From the top you will have a beautiful topper with red ribbons cascading to the table and what is even better than this? The ribbons are edible, as are the roses because they are all made from sugar.

Diva Colours

Because you are the ultimate diva bride, you are going to have a lot of options when it comes to colours. Anything that is glam will go for you. If there is any colour in your dress, you should definitely pull from that colour pallet for your wedding cake colours. You don�t have to have a completely red icing cake, but don�t be afraid to use the red roses, or other bright contrasting colours. These colours are sure to be noticed at your reception.

Consider black magic roses that you pair with chocolate roses. These will definitely stand out against your dramatic white wedding gown. If roses aren�t your thing, or they are too expensive for your budget, don�t underestimate the beauty of red tulip, exotic greens and ivies.

Your Wedding Cake in the Spotlight

If you really want your cake to get as much attention as you, consider giving the cake its own grand entrance. Have a rolling cart decorated with organza and thousands of petals. Have your serving set elegantly decorated with ribbons and you may possibly want to have tiny tea candles surround the cake, your serving set and your champagne glasses to add drama to the moment. Have the lights dimmed and allow the candles to show the elegant and dramatic beauty of you and your cake.

Another beautiful option is to have sugar blown bubbles that stick to the sides of the cake and adorn the edges of each tier with a large number of bubbles piled around the base of the cake. Mix with a few petals of your favourite flowers and candles � you will have a spectacular diva wedding cake design.

Never forget � this is your day! Do what you want!