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How to Cut the Wedding Cake

Many people don’t realize this, but there is a special way to cut the cake. There is nothing worse than looking at a cake that has been completely butchered. There is also nothing worse than watching someone cut the cake from the bottom and watching the top tiers go crashing in the middle of the reception. Cutting the cake properly will prevent this from happening.

The Bride and Groom Make the First Cuts

Most weddings typically begin by the bride and groom making the first two cuts. To start, the bride will place her right hand on the handle of the knife. Then the groom puts his hand over hers. Begin cutting on the bottom tier of the cake with the point of the knife and then make two cuts. Remove the small slice and place on a plate. The bride and groom will then feed each other to symbolize that they are committed to share with and support each other.

If you are going to have someone in charge of cutting your cake, you will need to make sure they know how to cut the cake in advance. You will begin cutting the cake on the bottom tier. Do not cut far under the second tier or this will cause the cake to tumble later because it will be too top heavy. You will cut about two inches in from the outside of the cake and cut all the way around the layer.

After the bottom layer has been cut all the way around, you will begin working on the second layer. When the second layer has been cut all the way around, you will remove the top tier for the bride and groom to save later. The cutting continues in a circular manner until all of the cake has been cut and served.

The Caterer’s Cut

If you are having your reception at a reception hall with a caterer, you will not usually have to worry about whether or not your cake is being cut properly. You will need to let them know if you plan on keeping the top tier of the cake, otherwise they may serve it to your guests. If you don�t want to save the top tier, let them know and they will serve it.

A nice gesture for the bride and groom is for the bride to serve cake slices to each other’s parents. Do this before your caterer takes the cake away for serving. Tradition is that the bride serves the groom�s parents and the groom serves the bride�s parents.

Serving Sets

The wedding cake serving set also makes a nice touch to your wedding. Many couples will have a set with their names engraved on the knife and cake server. After the wedding, you can save the set for your children or for use at anniversary parties, birthdays, etc. Wedding cake serving sets can also be made from a variety of materials including crystal, glass, silver or pewter. Most blades on knives are made from stainless steel. There are several options to choose from when you are shopping for your set.