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How to Cut Costs on Wedding Cakes

The cost of the cake depends largely on the quantity that is required as well as the size and decorations on the cake. Some bakers are also more expensive than others, but you may also be paying for an excellent cake artist as well. Wedding cakes are an essential part of your wedding and there are methods that you can employ to make the cake a special cake and at an affordable price.

Bake your Own Wedding Cake

One method is to bake your own cake. If you are handy in the kitchen, you should be able to make a nice cake. Fondant icing is also a good option because you can roll it out and lay it over your cake tiers to give your cake a professional looking icing. If you are creative with icing all you will have to decorate is the edges of each tier. There are very cute decorations such as sugar beadings and floral arrangements that will cover the edges of the icing.

Cupcake Towers

Another option that is becoming very popular is the cupcake tower. These are very unique and will be very cute at your wedding. They are also very easy to serve. Make the cupcakes look even more unique with a silver tiered serving tray. One very cute idea is to have the baker cut out little fondant hearts and stamp your initials on the hearts. The icing and hearts can be whatever colour you like. Cupcakes are often considerably less expensive than full size cakes with tiers and they are also very easy to transport and setup.

Decorate Yourself

One great idea is to have the baker bake the cake, ice it and then you decorate it yourself. Visit craft shops for decorations and floral arrangements that are on sale. Take the floral arrangements apart and decorate the cake yourself.

If you want the look of an elaborate cake but want to go a cheaper route, you can have your baker design a cardboard or foam-core �cake� and decorate it in icing. You may have to pay for the materials, but it should be considerably less expensive than the cake will be. You can also have it made in advance. At the same time, order sheet cakes that will be served from the kitchen of your reception hall.

Some couples have decided against the traditional wedding cake and featured a dessert table instead. This table might have a small sheet cake with several other options such as cupcakes, cookies, pies, etc.

Other thoughts to keep in mind when you are preparing to make a decision on your cake are the following:

  • Your budget and how formal the wedding is.
  • Whether the reception site requires you to have them bake the cake in-house, or if you have to pay a fee to bring in an outside cake.
  • Whether your meal includes dessert other than your cake. If your guests will have other options, you can go smaller on the size of the wedding cake.