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Displaying the Cake - Wedding Cake Toppers

How to Display the Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is the centrepiece of the wedding reception. You will want your cake in place and setup before the reception begins. The cake table will be one of the most photographed spots at the reception, as your guests will want to remember your beautiful cake as much as you do.

The Cake Table

The cake table can be decorated in a variety of different ways. You will want to have a complementing tablecloth and some brides choose to use a tablecloth that was used in their mother�s wedding or another family heirloom. The cake may also be proudly displayed in the centre of a buffet table with beautiful floral arrangements or other decorations around it. If you have an heirloom serving set, this can make a beautiful display for your wedding.

If the cake will be on displayed throughout the reception, you will want to display the cake so that it will not disrupt the flow of movement at the reception. The cake should be placed in a manner that it will not be accidentally knocked down or fallen into. You may want to place lights around the cake that will keep it the focus of the reception. If the lights are too hot, however, it may cause the icing to melt. You also do not want to place the cake too close to the dance floor. This will put the cake in a hazardous place and may cause a wedding predicament.

Another option is to keep the cake out of view from your guests during the dinner. When it is time to cut the cake, the room can be dimmed, the crowd hushed and then the cake wheeled in as an event of its own. You may also want to display your serving set with beautiful ribbons and other decorations. Then all of your guests will gather around for pictures and the cake cutting.

Because the cake may be on display throughout a long reception, you will need to be sure that if the cake has a filling or special icing that it will be okay until it is time to cut the cake. Your bakery will be able to provide you tips on how to keep the cake fresh during the reception.

Wedding Cake Stands

When it comes to what your cake is sitting on, there are beautiful silver stands that will make your wedding cake sparkle and will add a very elegant touch to your wedding cake table. No matter what type of cake you have, it is great to have a nice stand rather than the cardboard that the cake is built and transported on. There are many wedding rental shops that provide these for rent so that you do not have to purchase the stand.

A unique cake design will also get a lot of attention. You have several options when it comes to decorating the display table, especially if you have a themed wedding. Place little mementos from vacations, celebrations, your engagement picture, etc. on the table to feature the moments that you have already shared together. You can also use other little decorations that accent the theme of your wedding and to help bring everything together.