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How to Transport Your Cake

Travelling with your cake may seem daunting, but it is possible to transport the cake just a few miles or a thousand miles. There are a few basic guidelines that you or your baker should follow when transporting your wedding cake.

The Cake Base

First of all, you will want to be certain that the cake is constructed on a sturdy base. The board should be made of three or more thicknesses of cardboard. If the base is very heavy, then the cake should be placed on fibreboard or plywood that is � inches thick.


Secondly, if the cake is to be on pillars, it should be transported unassembled. A cake will not do well with turns if it assembled on pillars and then transported. Toppers, candles and other decorations should also separate from the cake.

Assembled Tiers

If the cake is stacked, then the assembled cake will be transported. If the cake has more than three tiers, you may need to transport additional tiers separately. You will need the necessary decorations and icings to finish off the decorating needed after you assemble it at the reception hall.

If the cake is a combination of both assembled tiers and pillared tiers, you can transport the stacked tiers together and then transport the other tiers individually. This will protect the tiers from damage and keep them clean. You will want to be sure that you have a non-slip surface in the vehicle the cake will be travelling in. This will prevent shifting. The bottoms should also be completely flat. Never sit a cake in on the backseat of your car. Don�t transport boxed cakes in the trunk of a car in hot weather, because the icing will melt. They will need to be in the air conditioning.

When you arrive at the reception area, it is best if you can use a rolling cart to move the cake from your car to the reception hall. Construct the cake on the table where the cake will be situated during the reception. This will prevent you from having to move the cake any more than necessary.

You will want to have a repair kit just in case something does happen to the icing. Bring extra icing, decorating bags, tips, flowers, spatulas and anything else you might need in an emergency.

Transport Storage

There are several ways that you can store the cake while transporting. Small tiers may be stored in pans if they will not sit level. If there are several tiers that cannot be boxed due to decorations, etc. The tiers can be transported on large pieces of foam. The foam should be placed on the floor of the car and then the tiers should be centred on each piece.

Sturdy cake boxes can be used if they are the same size of the baseboard that the cake is sitting on. This will keep the cake from sliding in the box, which could cause crushing of the icing and decorations. If the cake is heaving you can use more than one box and tape them together. You can also reinforce the bottom with masking tape. If there are tall decorations, you can prop up the top and sides of the box and secure it with masking tape.