20 February 2007

Types of Buttercream

A quick summary on the types of buttercreams that are available.

Simple buttercream

Made by creaming together fat and sugar to the desired consistency.

Decorator's buttercream

Creamed less than a regular simple buttercream which creates a stiff paste suitable for making flowers and other cake decorations.

Fondant buttercream

Fondant buttercream is created by creaming together equal parts of butter and fondant.

Meringue buttercream

A light mix of butter and meringue.

French buttercream

Made by beating a sugar syrup into beaten egg yolks and whipping to a light foam. Softened butter is then whipped in. This icing is very rich, smooth, and light.

Pastry-cream buttercream

Made by beating together thick pastry cream and softened butter.

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