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The Natural Bride’s Wedding Cake

The natural bride can have a lot of fun with her wedding cake design. The options you have available to you will allow you to incorporate your favourite natural features and floral arrangements. The natural bride is inspired by nature. She loves both the perfection and the imperfections of the great outdoors. She loves the idea of natural colours, shapes, textures, fruit and flowers.

The world is ever changing and you can incorporate both the rustic and elegant features of nature in your cake. Your wedding cake should be a balance of you. Blend the impeccable flavours and designs that you love about nature and your options are endless. Consider taking cues from where you will hold your ceremony. Will it be woodsy, or a field of green grass and beautiful daisies? Will it be your pristine backyard with a water feature and an elegant garden? Wherever you�re wedding, you are sure to find many natural ideas at your location.

Seasonal Cakes

If you have opted for an autumn wedding, consider a carrot cake or pumpkin spice cake. Decorate with a cream fondant icing and have your baker create little sugar pumpkins, pears and little marzipan leaves. Decorate the sides with pecans, almonds or walnuts. Don�t be afraid to add some floral embellishes as well. Cranberries, light green ivory, orange roses and lavender flowers will make the cake an absolutely natural beauty.

If you are having a spring wedding, consider a cake with a delicious buttercream icing and layers of lemon and blackberry curd. The icing is white with lavender accents on the edges and beautiful little pressed pansies and Johnny-Jump-Ups. Sugar flowers would also be a delightful addition to this fresh design.

A luncheon wedding outdoors also has numerous ideas as well. Imagine a white basket weave three-tiered cake with wild strawberries, ripe blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries. This cake is a summer delight. If you want to add a little chocolate, have the fruit dipped and arrange on each tier of the cake.

To display your cake outdoors, you have a few options. Highlight the cake on the buffet table. Have the buffet table covered with a light organza tent or mosquito netting to keep anything from above falling on the food an onto the cake. Next, have your caterer carve melons as they would a jack-o-lantern and place them on the buffet table as decorations or on tables as centrepieces. Small little bunches of flowers can surround your cake and make it the spotlight of the table.

For a winter wedding, pinecones and holly can be a beautiful addition to your cake. Have a winter white cake with appliqu� snowflakes adorning the side. Have the topper be made of pinecones and holly with cranberries as accents. Little bunches of berries and marzipan holly leaves can adorn each layer of the cake.

All of these ideas are excellent for a seasonal or outdoor wedding. Be sure to discuss with your baker any refrigeration issues your cake might require and have them use any stabilizers that may be necessary depending on the temperature and the season. These are excellent natural cake ideas for an au natural girl.