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Questions to Ask the Wedding Cake Supplier

So you know the type of wedding cake which you are looking for and you have made a shortlist of possible wedding cake suppliers in your area. When you come to interacting with the wedding cake supplier of your choice there are some questions you may like to ask.

Ask About Costs

Ask for a quote for the whole wedding cake service including the cake creation and delivery. Also ask about any hidden costs such as deposits for the rental of cake stands, toppers and any other wedding cake accessories. Make sure you know about any fines imposed for the late return of these accessories.

Ask To Taste

Ask the supplier if you can taste the wedding cake to make sure it meets your standards and requirements.

Ask For The Portfolio

Ask to see the portfolio of past wedding cakes. This will give you a better indication of the the supplier’s designs and styles.

Ask About Custom Designs

Does the wedding cake supplier allow you to specify an exact bespoke design of wedding cake to meet your needs? Ask whether they charge extra for this service.

Ask About Cake Preparation

Is the cake baked the day before? 2 days before? Or more? The wedding cake should be as fresh as possible.

Ask About Delivery

It is important to know how and when the supplier will deliver your wedding cake. Also, will they set-up the cake?

Ask For References

Does the wedding cake maker allow you to see references from past happy brides and grooms? Or are they trying to hide something?

Important Advice: Once you have settled on a wedding cake supplier make sure you put down the costs and all relevant details in writing and have the supplier sign it. This avoids confusion and seals the deal with the cake maker.