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The Romantic Bride’s Wedding Cake

The romantic bride is soft and elegant. She loves being in love and her wedding cake will show this. She is sentimental and will love designing a wedding cake that shows her soul and feelings towards her new groom.

The romantic bride wants a wedding that is traditional and simple. She does, however, want the big dreamy cake with a little elegant bride and groom topping it or perhaps their new monogram, which they will share for the rest of their lives. She loves pastels and light colours.

When you think of the perfect wedding cake for the romantic bride, think of light lemon chiffon or perhaps a creamy and decadent cheesecake. Imagine an ivory fondant tiered cake with layers of sugar bouquets and fresh roses. Imagine each layer lined with pearlised ribbons and candy butterflies.

A Little Colour

Don’t be afraid to have a little colour. Depending on your wedding’s colour pallet, you should consider light hues of your favourite colours. Perhaps a light Wedgwood blue with romantic little yellow daisies along each tier.

Romantic Shapes

Imagine a square four-tiered cake with big sugar ribbons that compliment the colours of your flowers or a colour in your dress. Perhaps you would like a white cake with elegant appliqu�s or fleur-de-lis adorning the sides.

Or, a heart shaped tiered cake with white beading along the tiers and elegant white roses in abundance as if they are falling of each tier of the cake. On top, there is a bunch of white roses piled on top of the tiny heart tier you will save for your first anniversary. The ideas are endless for the romantic bride.

Nostalgic Gestures

Maybe you have a grandmother that had a beautiful garden and you loved the flowers that grew there. Consider incorporating the different flowers, either fresh or made from sugar, on a three tiered round cake. Around each tier�s base have a beautiful gold ribbon and little icing bouquets that spring from each layer. On top, feature a large bouquet of the same flowers and have them look as though they are growing right out of the top layer.

The romantic bride will want to incorporate family heirlooms on her wedding cake table. Use the serving set that your mother or grandmother used to cut the cake. Use an heirloom tablecloth that belonged to an aunt or great grandmother. Have little photos of you and your new groom reprinted in black and white or sepia. Frame these photos and place them about the cake. You may even want to use the old wedding photos of both sets of parents as well. Amongst the photos and mementos, have strands of ribbon or ivy and organza fill the rest of the table.

The romantic bride will want her cake on display throughout the wedding, so go with an icing that does not require refrigeration. Stay away from the whipped creams, as it will melt and may cause your decorations to run or fall off the cake. Consider a fondant icing with clean lines and royal icing for your decorations. Marzipan is also excellent for your sugar flowers and leaves on your cake.

The romantic bride has many options and ideas and she should follow her heart on her cake’s decorations.