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Wedding Cake Colours

Traditionally the wedding cake colour has always been white or shades of whites. Today couples are eager to be creative and to allow their cakes to express their own personal style or personality. In many instances cakes are even designed around a couple�s favourite pastime or hobby. Some cakes are simply creative expressions from the couple’s imagination. Because of this you are going to see a variety of colours on a variety of different cakes.

Many couples will choose a their favourite colour out of the wedding colour palette. If the colour is very bold they may use a pastel version of it on their wedding cake or they may go all and be incredibly bold and use that colour as the basis of their wedding cake. There are several beautiful colour palettes that not only look beautiful on cakes but the bride as well.

Think Pink

Pink is making a strong comeback and many brides are leaning towards pink in one way or another and with pink ties available, well the guys aren’t exempt from wearing it either. Pink and gold was a huge favourite in the 40s and 50s and as more brides are looking for that classic look they are finding that pink is a perfect colour to incorporate. There are several different shades of pink to choose from including shell pinks that are subtler to cotton-candy pinks that are bright and lively. The wedding cake colour can incorporate pink as well. A light shade of pink can make a beautiful base colour for a cake and can be paired with whites, ivories and other pastels.

Monochromatic Colours

Monochromatic weddings are all the rage in the past few years. Find that one special colour like a nice shade of green or blue and design your wedding around them. For spring weddings a beautiful pastel green has become very popular. Consider matching your wedding cake colour to the colour of the lightest greenery used in your floral arrangements. This green will complement any additional colours that you use on the cake and make them stand out even brighter.

Stand Out!

If you are the diva bride of the year, you are going to want the diva cake of the year. Consider a bright white cake with bright red rose floral arrangements. The wedding cake colour may seem plain but the bright red roses will stand out even brighter. If you are a chocoholic diva bride then don�t be afraid to go with a brown chocolate icing and incorporate bright flowers to give it some life. You could even go with a bright red icing if you are brave enough. Red is extra romantic and makes a great winter wedding cake as well.

Yellow just screams summer and brides love it for spring and summer weddings. You can have a beautiful yellow icing cake with splashes of purples, blues, pink and white in rosettes around the base of each tier. Use a few daisies, sunflowers, daffodils, or tulips for the ultimate spring design.