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Wedding Cake Toppers & Monograms: Top Tips & Unique & Unusual Ideas

A wedding cake topper is simply a figurine (traditionally a bride and groom), that is placed on top of the wedding cake.

Groom and Bride Cake Topper Groom Wedding Cake Topper Blonde Bride Cale Topper Wooden Wedding Cake Topper Groom and Bride Wedding Cake Topper

A cake is not complete without some type of topper. Brides have a wide assortment of toppers to choose from and new designs are appearing every year. Your wedding cake topper can be as creative or as simple as you want. If you are all about tradition then you can’t go wrong with a traditional bride and groom, but if you are looking to add some class to your cake you have many options to choose from.


Monograms are incredibly popular for wedding cakes these days. If you are having a spring or summer wedding, consider having your bakery make up a sugar monogram design and incorporate little sugar rosettes or vines as decoration. The monogram can be a single initial for the new last name that you share or they can incorporate both first initials and the last initial. There are also monogram-wedding toppers that are encrusted with crystals for an elegant wedding cake look.

Clay Cake Toppers

If you are looking for a way to personalize your cake topper, consider clay cake toppers. These can be personalized with you and your new hubby. They can even include your dogs, cats or other pets that are going to be joined in matrimony as well. Many couples will choose to have their pets portrayed as the cake topper instead of them. If you are considering this you will want to ensure that the rest of your cake design is casual enough. It is not recommended that you go ultra traditional and then place two little clay pugs on top of the cake, although they are sure to be adorable.

Floral / Flower Arrangement Toppers

If you are a classic bride then you may want to consider the new and beautiful floral arrangements that are being used on wedding cakes. Many brides are having arrangements of fresh flowers used as cake toppers while others are using the artistic abilities of their baker and having sugar floral arrangements designed. Not only are the arrangements beautiful cake toppers but they are edible as well.

Themed and Expensive Toppers

There are wedding cake toppers for every couple available. Form Cinderella and Prince Charming to glass creations, wedding bells, swans, butterflies and even beach themed toppers with the bride and groom relaxing on their honeymoon in Hawaiian shirts.

Wedding cake toppers come in a variety of materials. Some of the more expensive toppers are those that are custom made from clay. The majority of the monogram cake toppers are available in steel and can be encrusted in Swavorski crystals or gold-plaited. These toppers may also be expensive as well. Glass and porcelain toppers are rather affordable and of course there are plastic wedding cake toppers as well. Don’t forget the fresh flowers and inquire what type of topper your bakery can design as well. It’s your wedding and there are a variety of wedding cake toppers available to suit your style and wedding theme.