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Unique Wedding Cake Traditions

There are several wedding cake traditions that you may like to incorporate in your wedding. Every culture seems to have its own cake tradition that can be incorporated into just about any wedding cake. Here are a few for you to consider when planning your big day.

Cake Pull

The cake pull is a tradition of Southern United States weddings. Here the cake has several ribbons with charms baked throughout the cake. The charms can be both good and bad luck, although you may want to stick with good luck charms to keep the wedding party happy. The bridesmaids gather around the cake at the wedding reception and choose the end of a ribbon. They then pull the ribbon out of the cake to receive their good luck charm. The charms may represent children, travel, marriage, etc.

Stack Cake

The stack cake is the traditional wedding cake from the Appalachian Mountain region. Friends and family each bring a layer of cake and then the bride’s family will spread, apple preserves, dried apples and apple butter between each layer. The stack cake essentially appears to be a stack of pancakes. The more layers you have, the more popular the couple is considered. Other layers may be cookie dough layers to sponge cake layers. The tradition is believed to have begun in the Beaumont Inn of Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

Irish Wedding Cake Tradition

The top tier of the traditional Irish wedding cake is an Irish Whiskey Cake. This type of cake will last frozen for several months until the cake is to be used for a christening of the first child or for the first wedding anniversary.

Korean Wedding Tradition

Instead of a wedding cake, the couple may share three spoonfuls of rice. The rice represents the meals they will share for the rest of their married lives; much like the traditional wedding cake is a symbol of sharing. They then pour a Korean liquor made from rice, such as Sake, into two cups, which symbolizes the union of their souls.

Polish Tradition

At a Polish wedding, bread, wine and salt are important symbols. The bread represents the couple never being hungry. The salt is a reminder that times may be difficult, but that they will be able to cope with whatever comes along and the wine represents good health and spirits.

Russian Tradition

In a Russian wedding, the couple bites into a loaf of bread that symbolizes health, long life and prosperity. Whoever takes the biggest bite of bread is considered the one who �wears the pants� in the family!

Jamaican Wedding Cake Traditions

A traditional Jamaican wedding cake is a dark cake that has been soaked in rum for a about a year so the fruits and bread will be flavoured and moist.

Norway Wedding Cake Traditions

The Brudlaupskling is a wedding cake from Norway that dates back to the days when it was hard to find white flour on Norwegian farms. The bread is covered in a mixture of cheese, cream and syrup and then folded over and cut into squares.

Peruvian Cake Pull

This cake pull is similar to the one practiced in the Southern United States, however, at the end of one of these ribbons will be a ring which represents the puller as the next one to be married.

Ukrainian Tradition

In Ukraine, couples share korovai instead of a cake. The korovai is bread that is decorated with symbolic motifs, which present eternity and joining of the families.